Joe WalkerMy name is Joe Walker, Seattle-based guitarist, owner of Deft Digits Guitar Lessons.


I started playing guitar at 15, absorbing the pop and rock trends of the late ’90s and diving into the blues upon discovering Stevie Ray Vaughan. In 2005, I completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA. I fell in love with jazz during my college years, studying with Bobby Bradford and Bob Keller.

Before finishing college, I co-founded indie rock band Blue Judy with Luke Benedum, Gustavo Galindo, and Alex Piazza. Joined later by Brian Zarlenga, we composed, recorded, and performed our original music in the Los Angeles region, placing several songs on TV shows like 90210 and One Tree Hill.

I left Blue Judy and quit my job in 2007 to spend a year independently studying guitar. I started the guitar blog From the Woodshed to chronicle my efforts and progress. Moving to San Diego after my year in the woodshed, I joined the Led Zeppelin tribute band Dazed and Confused and enrolled in the graduate program in Jazz Studies at San Diego State University.

Upon completion of my Master of Music degree in 2011, I moved to Seattle, the area where I grew up. I teach private guitar lessons, perform in a variety of settings, and write the guitar lesson blog Deft Digits Guitar Lessons.

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